You do not need to hold any specific qualifications to access the courses below; however you do need

to be 14 years of age to register for the qualifications.

Marathon Sports Apprenticeships
Marathon Sports Apprenticeship
Functional Skills Qualification in
Mathematics at Level 2
  • Overview

       The qualification is designed to provide benefit to learners             through accreditation of achievements of a range maths               skills, in real-life settings, so that learners can use subject               skills in a functional way throughout life.


        It is also recognised by and has the support of a range of               providers including FE colleges.

  • Progression

       This qualification leads to further learning or training in the          area of functional skills in maths. The qualification may also          be used to enable learners to complete an intermediate                apprenticeship.

Functional Skills Qualification in
English at Level 2
  • Competency & Knowledge

       This qualification level is mapped across the relevant            National Curriculum levels, the key skills, e.g.                          ‘communication’ and ‘adult literacy’ standards, as well            as complying with the levels of the National                            Qualifications Framework. This will ensure that both              you, and those audiences outside of the education                environment, clearly understand your achievement.

  • Progression

       This qualification leads to further learning or training in        the area of functional skills in English. The qualification        may also be used to enable learners to complete an              advanced apprenticeship.

Marathon Sports offers a range of qualifications for the active learning and leisure sector.  Qualifications include functional skills plus vocationally related qualifications delivered by specialist private tutors,

part-time and full-time at our various centres, to give you the best learning experiences suited to your individual learning needs.