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Marathon Sports Foundation offers a range of online Sports Courses for anyone wishing to take part or work in the Sporting Sector 

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How it works!

  1. When you purchase one of our courses download the Course Instruction and Login document provided.  Click the link on the instructions to visit our online LMS (Learning Management System).  Simply create an account by clicking the Sign Up link to register and Login.  Purchased Courses will be automatically populated to your online account.  Ensure you use the same email for purchasing and signing into your online account.  

  2. All course content is available online, anywhere at any time and the course is flexible allowing you to stop and start when it is convenient for you.

  3. The course you have paid for can be accessed via any of your devices once you have registered

  4. Each course includes a range of content comprising of several Units.  Each unit has an assessment which is in the form of a multiple choice question and answer activity.

  5. Our LMS system keeps track of your progress so you can see how you are doing as you work your way through each Unit.  

  6. On completion of the course instructions are given for you to submit a Certificate Request Form and once your course is verified a Certificate is issued via email.

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